Cape Town

There are more than 10 tourist attractions in this town, the Western Cape, primarily Cape Town known as Kaapstad in Afrikaans (one of the 11 official languages in South Africa) locally is a beautiful city that is full of heritage and different cultures, and food to experience. There are so many things to do in Cape Town from hiking to visiting the aquarium.

Here’s how you can spend 72 hours in Cape Town, don’t forget to take a map with you 😉


We just went past “Black Friday” and goodness, I felt the world took a standstill for a moment and forgot about some of the pressing issues happening around us but concentrated on the sales that were going on – which was what everyone needed. That Sunday, a friend of mine called me and somehow managed to drag me out of bed and from catching up on some work to accompany her to Cavendish Mall in Claremont as she was looking to buy a pair of shoes (We left the mall without any shoes by the way *smh*). We ended up going to the cinema, an experience I will never forget.

It’s my first time in Cape Town and so I’m still figuring the city out. As a student, I loved going to cinemas in Pretoria that when I arrived here I realised there were a lot of fun things to do in Cape Town compared to any city I’ve been. I felt like a queen, our orders were brought to us while we were already seated on those leather, can rest your legs comfortably chairs. I think I might have dozed-off for a minute or two, but that is how much I actually enjoyed being inside that cinema. It would take a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of your time, depending on the movie you’ll be watching but trust me, it is worth a try.


Table Mountain

Some people prefer hiking up Table Mountain and a lot prefer taking the cable car, I fall under “a lot” group. Ideally it is a must to go to Table Mountain as a tourist or a born and bred Capetonian, every once in a while. The view from up there is magnificent, unless if you’re afraid of heights – I grew up thinking I was afraid of heights until the 9th of October 2014, the day I realised fear can be a choice of cause after a friend of mine called me a chicken. However, I will forever be afraid of clowns – don’t judge me.


From City Lodge to Camps Bay Self Catering, there is literally room for you anywhere in Cape Town. Whether you are on a tight budget or in the mood to spoil yourself rotten by booking yourself into the most expensive hotel, Cape Town got you covered.


There are so many things to do in Cape Town this weekend, for instance this coming Sunday I will be at the Kirstenbosch Sunset Concert and boy, am I looking forward to that. This is a perfect place to enjoy a live performance from your favourite bands or artists, as well as the atmosphere and Cape Town’s beautiful summer weather.


I believe in “YOLO” (You Only Live Once)… to an extent. I’ve been on a skateboard before, ended up unable to walk for a day; I’ve gone horse-riding before, I almost got kidnapped by that horse; I’ve ice-skated before, the last time I fell so much was when I was a toddler but I enjoyed every single moment and WOULD (no typo) think twice before doing all of them again. 🙂 Kiteboarding in Blouberg should be on your bucket-list, flying and boarding combined? A must-try.


Cape Town has a lot of entertainment to choose from, as well as areas to visit for the entire weekend and enjoy. The Cape Winelands vary from Franschoek, Paarl to Worcester where you can go on wine tours at Stellenbosch or visit a Welbedacht Game & Nature Reserve at Tulbagh or go skydiving. At the Cape Point, you get to explore the unique flora and fauna, cliffs and rocks. Cape Point is big on bio-diversity and is one of the Big Seven to explore in Cape Town.

Cape Winelands


There are quite a few tourist attractions at the V&A Waterfront. Go ride the Cape Wheel for a romantic out or to embrace Cape Town’s beauty. There are over 450 stores to go through, what better way than to do your shopping at a tourist attraction.

Cape Town Waterfront


Muzienberg Beach, Camps Bay Beach, Clifton Beach, Bloubergstrand Beach, Plettenberg Bay Beach, Bikini (no lie) Beach, Grotto Beach, etc. and I didn’t even include ‘secret beaches’. So many beaches in Cape Town to choose from, you’re not allowed to ever say you’re bored the minute you step foot in town.

By Natasha

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