As much as feeling like your life is taken aback the minute you start thinking of doing your laundry, don’t despair, I got you. The following is a list of the best places to do you laundry in Cape Town:


Laundry Cape Town

As much as looking at your laundry brings tears to your eyes, the mere thought of packing your dirty clothes to go drop them off is another mission in itself. For someone like me, carrying bags of dirty clothes into a train automatically regards you as either a (train) hawker who’s about to scream on top of her lungs what specials she has on her. The worst is when a humble guy offers to help me with my bags and having to politely say “No, thanks” and look away, for that fear of a conversation sparking and having to explain that I am on my way to drop off a ton of dirty clothes at a Laundromat.

Thankfully Washr is one of the Laundromats that operate mainly online. “Laundry online – Your Laundry and Cleaning delivered”, nothing can ever beat this service – how I wish I knew about them the minute I stepped into Cape Town. Their washing machines are as effective as their service. They offer free pickup and delivery with 24 hour turnaround.

Laundry Cape Town
All you have to do is contact Washr and place an order, you will have to share your address and a timeframe for them to come and collect. This process is easier than actually having to boil an egg. After issuing your address, a friendly driver will come and collect your dirty dresses/suits/sweatpants, whether your clothes are in fashion or not; they will be taken care of. They will inform you about what tine they will be ready and back in your arms again.


Laundry Cape Town

With their working hours being from 8 am – 7 pm surely shows how dedicated Laundry on Long (LOL) is. All equipments found at a Laundromat, top of the range washing machines, tumble dryers, etc. Equipment safe enough for your Levis jeans or Nike t-shirt, if you’re a fan of online clothing? Bring those close along too and let’s not forget your favourite “blanky” *wink*. Abbreviated “LOL”, it is situated in the CBD. With great reviews from local and international clients, LOL values punctuality and a sense of ‘when you smell good, you will feel good’. “Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow” just make sure to give LOL a try whenever you are in town.



A name that is sure to keep you intrigued and needing to see a Laundromat that would claim I Love My Laundry, as a curious person, I had to understand what the fuss was all about. Whether they use Whirlpool washing machines or Samsung washing machines, this laundry services based in Cape Town in the CBD is sure to make you love waiting for your laundry and hope it takes a while longer for them to be ready. I Love My Laundry has a very strong social media presence (Facebook) and they tend to give basic laundry guides. I wouldn’t even call the place a Laundromat, it is more like CoffeeMat, a combination of a Laundromat and a coffee shop with an open space to freely move around and be aware of the intriguing space you are around.

Laundry Cape Town


Situated in the Northern Suburbs (Kuils river, Bellville and Parow) is the only 24-hour laundry service in Cape Town. It offers a 24 hour self-service with coins operated machines as well as folding facilities; there is no difference between this service and a 24 hour fast food outlet, depending on the service received – you are bound to leave with a smile. You’ll get the best prices for washing, drying, folding and ironing.



Fresh the Laundry is situated in the Southern Suburbs, Claremont. Fresh the Laundry believe that there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh laundry, the feel of crisp sheets, the warmth of a load of washing just out the dryer or the sound of a steaming iron gliding over creases. With prices low enough to leave you wondering whether there is some special happening or a mistake was made on your tab and deeply deciding whether to rectify their “mistake”.

Laundry Cape Town


People love discounts; I love discounts so if a Laundromat tends to offer 20% off, my attention goes straight to them. A Laundromat that gives me the impression that my clothes are given extra attention than their other clients’ clothes. Bright Wash is situated in the Southern Suburbs, with one of the best services.



They have a self-explanatory name which outlines their core objective is every clothing item leaving their laundromat seem all new. Laundry and dry cleaning is delivered at a click of a button, as easy as recharging. GetNeat Laundry is situated in the Southern Suburbs, all through the Southern Peninsula. With a R25 off your first order, allowing one of their ‘ninjas’ to come and pick-up your dirty laundry and drop your clothes off in the afternoon for free.

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This laundromat has been in existence for 59 years; it is way older than my own mother. With so many years of existence, there is no question behind how competent and experienced they are with handling clothes. It is situated in the Northern Suburbs and for weekly tips and specials, check out their Facebook page.



Getting perfect service as a customer beats however expensive something could be or how far from your primary location to where a laundromat is or your medical doctor is, everything is about the service you receive and Roba Laundromats employees certainly know how to keep a customer happy. Situated in Tokai, Southern Suburbs/Peninsula, you wouldn’t have made a mistake by dropping-off your clothes there.



I had a very good experience with Village Laundry. Their prices are unbelievably cheap and of cause affordable, the service I received from each and every employee made me feel like actually staying and helping them (more like sitting on top of their washing machines & having a chat 😉 because of their sense of humour and the openness to interact with anyone entering the laundromat. It is situated at Claremont, Southern Suburbs.


They operate Monday – Monday, they do not only offer laundry services, they also offer cleaning services. Based in Cape Town, CBD they don’t only wash and tumble dry your clothes but they will also neatly fold each and every item, even your socks.



If you’re a Stormers fan and happen to own a few of their clothes/gear, this is your ideal laundromat. They offer free laundry services for any Stormers gear, the laundromat is situated at the Tyger Manor Shopping centre, the Northern Suburbs.



I just had to add a little twist to the listicle, not a full laundromat but one that offers half of what you’d typically get at a laundromat. Situated in Bothasig, around Cape Peninsula, they will thoroughly iron your fashionable dresses, Levi’s jeans and every clothing item per request.



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